Sam and Diane Go To Tahiti

Cheers All Around!

White Dress. Nice Flowers. Sparkly Shoes

Sam And Diane Wedded Bliss!

Nooo. Not that Sam and Diane. Can you tell what my mother still watches on TV?

This is a bit more modern and fun.  It was a no pressure affair and full of surprises.

I didn’t catch the bouquet, much to my mothers chagrin, but them the breaks!  I drank and danced and had a good time.  Let’s go over a few of the fun things from the affair shall we?

  • Awesome toast by Jeremy
  • Great garter catch by Rob…David Tutera would be sooo not happy!
  • Fabulous “Pre-Tahiti” Fruit punch
  • Dottie and Demi (their two pugs) who surprisingly slept a lot.
  • The shocking reveal of the custom Converse Sam had made for dancing at the reception!
  • First dance tears
  • No Wedding Cake face plant. (I know you wanted to Sam)
  • Cleanup time sing-a-long.
  • BONUS = NO Hangover!

Now if every wedding could be like that I might even consider getting married myself.

Off to Tahiti

I’m officially jealous of the honeymoon. I always wanted to go to Tahiti (who doesn’t)?

Now that’s a wedding ceremony I could really get behind.  Right into the water and minimal wedding attire.  There are good times to be had on a global scale.  No reason to keep it traditional.

Throw on a pair of sparkly nikes, some flowers in your hair, a couple of white wraps and call yourself man and wife.  Then take a nice long run along the beach.

Kick up your heels and have a real night to remember!

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